First Steps in Science Year 5 Pupil's Book

First Steps in Science Year 5 Pupil's Book

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First Steps in Science Year 5 Pupil's Book

Level: Primary

Series Title: First Steps in Science (FSIS)

Subject: Science

ISBN: 978 976 638 070 8

Pages: 286

Age Group: 9 - 11 years

Published: 2006


Vilma McClenan
    was Coordinator of the UWI Distance Education Centre (UWIDEC), Mona, for many years. She is a distinguished science educator, who in 2000 was awarded the Silver Musgrave Medal from the Institute of Jamaica for Science and Technology Education. She is also the main author of the landmark First Steps in Science (FSIS) series.
Cecile Carrington
    experienced educator who taught for many years in secondary schools in Trinidad. She has been involved in teacher evaluation for Jamaica's MOE.
Lorna Sue-Ho
    had a distinguished career in science education. She was Head of the Science Division at Mico Teacher's College and also served as a regional e examiner for Chemistry.
Rosemarie Mathurin
    is an experienced St Lucian educator who has taught at the secondary level and at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. She also has experience in educational administration.
Hortense Morgan
    former primary school principal and was in the forefront of science education in Jamaica for many years.

Key Features

    With few exceptions, the text is organized using Unit Titles and Focus Questions taken from the RPC
    Clear, detailed diagrams help teach concepts
    The authors encourage curiosity in young people with the use of questioning throughout the text and in the captions for illustrations.
    The new Challenge feature indicates that an activity can be used with more advanced students, but these activities are also wonderful opportunities to teach children how to deal with difficulty. Once they accomplish these tasks, their self-confidence grows and they become more willing to take on new challenges. This will help save time in the classroom.
    The new Looking Ahead feature helps teachers and students prepare for activities by advising when to start collecting or preparing items that will be needed for future activities.
    Wide range of assessment strategies used; traditional (paper and pencil) methods are represented, but performance-based methods are also used. This is ideal for classes with students of varying ability levels.
    Each unit is followed by an end-of-unit assessment, consisting of 5 multiple-choice questions and five or six questions using a variety of other question types. The multiple-choice questions can be used to give students valuable practice.
    First Steps in Science Year 5 Pupil's Book utilizes full colour throughout, giving the book vibrancy and visual appeal



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