First Steps in Science Pupil's Book: Year 6

First Steps in Science Pupil's Book: Year 6

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First Steps in Science Pupil's Book: Year 6

Written by:

  • Vilma McClenan
  • Cecile Carrington
  • Ian Flowers
  • Rosemarie Mathurin
  • Hortense Morgan

Publisher: Carlong Publishers
Year Published: 2008
ISBN: 9789766380939
Pages: 316

FSIS Pupil's Books and Activity Books for Years 4 to 6 respond fully to the Revised Primary Curriculum (RPC) for science from the MOE.

These new editions provide a sound introduction to science as a process and a means of acquiring skills. The emphasis is a hands-on, investigative approach, while incorporating the current focus on career infusion and the development of positive attitudes towards self, others, science and the environment. Pupils will be motivated to learn and enjoy exploring the world of science.

FSIS Activity Books are designed to work in tandem with the Pupil's Books in helping the pupils to further explore the topics covered in the curriculum. Used together, the Pupil's Book and the Activity Book for each year foster a sound grounding in scientific concepts reinforced by hands-on practice. However, the Activity Book can stand on its own.

This revised edition now includes more alternative assessment and activities that appeal to the multiple intelligences. Used with the other books in the series, this text offers excellent preparation for GSAT Science or similar examinations.

Key Features:

  • What Have You Learnt? and Glossary/Index features give pupils the tools they need to be independent learners
  • Did You Know?and Technology Corner extend science knowledge to everyday life
  • Seven Unit Assessments utilize a variety of question types and assessment modes and incorporate the multiple intelligences

Look Out For:

  • User-friendly instructions that are clear and answers are provided
  • Illustrations and photographs that provide additional help in concept formation

A wide variety of exercises, activities and fun illustrations

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